Festival focused for children aged between 10 to 16 years. (One day event), Plans to be held during the second week of November. Tentitively on 2nd Saturday of November, Reason is that the Nation celebrates 14th November as the children's day.

  • The main objective of this festival is to provide an opportunity for the children aged between 10 to 14 years to exhibit their talents.
  • To bring out the hidden potentialities at the initial level.
  • To educate the children and inform them about the cultural values. Unity in diversity.


Means inspiration. The Festival focused for youth aged between 18 to 25. (Two Day event), Plans to be held during the third week of December. Tentitively during the 3 or 4th week of December. To end the year with festive Note

  • As the name Spurthi suggests inspiration, It is very important and its our responsibility to focus on the younger generation to inspire them and to draw their attention to guide them to know more about our traditional culture and the values.
  • Plans to conduct workshops on various subjects by the eminent scholars and performing artists.
  • To create a platform to perform and to guide them to think on the professional skill.
  • Plans to organise Solo/ Duet/ and Group performances inviting artist Globaly.


Coming together. The Festival is mainly for the professional artiste. (Two Day Festival) To welcome the new year the festival will planned during the 2nd or 3rd week of January.

  • To showcase the research work of eminent Gurus.
  • To organise a programs on thematic group presentation.
  • To organise seminars lecture demonstrations on various subjects related to performing arts.
  • The main focus is on Unity and Diversity. The festival will showcase on all the traditional art forms.